2021 Global Outreach Pledge

It is our privilege and joy at Town + Field Church to partner alongside missionaries and ministries across the globe to make Jesus’ name known. We do this by praying for and financially supporting those whom God has called to go to the furthest corners of the earth. We believe that we all play a part in the global mission, and it’s our desire to be engaged as a church in what God is doing worldwide. Thank you for joining with Town + Field Church in restoring all things by partnering with him in the gospel work he is doing around the world.  


In 2 Corinthians 9, Paul encourages the Corinthian Church to send the financial gift they had previously committed to give to the church in Jerusalem. They committed to give what they didn’t have on hand and trusted God to provide it. This commitment, or pledge, was made in faith. A pledge is an opportunity for you to commit to donate a particular amount of money to our global missions at some point in 2021.